Research Center for Chinese Cultural Metaverse in Taiwan - 華人文化元宇宙研究中心

2023.10.19-Research Center for Chinese Cultural Metaverse Overseas Scholars Lecture

A group of Taiwanese who shared the same skin color, language and lifestyle as the local Malaysian Overseas Chinese traversed the Malaysian Overseas Chinese community while engaged in opera performances. They presented a variety of stage performances, including Hokkien Opera and New Opera, on the stages of amusement parks throughout Malaysia. The wonderful performances of Taiwan opera troupes in Malaysia were not only heavily favored by the overseas Chinese coming to watch but in turn also brought a brand-new theater experience to Malaysian expatriates. The travels of Taiwanese performing in Malasiya, the southernmost part of the Asian continent, have not only enriched the multi-faceted theatrical ecology of Malaysia, but also added an important page to the extraterritorial history of Taiwanese theater.