Research Center for Chinese Cultural Metaverse in Taiwan - 華人文化元宇宙研究中心


Metaverse Curation

Cyber-Physical Mixed Reality Guided Tour System for the Fong Ho Special Exhibition

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The Legacy of Performance of Taiwanese Gezixi in Singapore in the 1960s

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Taiwanese Civilians in Hong Kong during the Second World War

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“People Forgotten by History - White Terror in the Military in the 1950s” Metaverse Curation

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International Links

  1. We will expand the “Chinese Cultural Metaverse Ecosystem Platform” developed by our center to become an internationally recognized Chinese cultural metaverse platform.
  2. We cooperate with foreign universities to build and share the digital curatorial content of the “Chinese Cultural Metaverse Ecosystem Platform”.
  3. We work with foreign scholars to organize metaverse digital curations on themes related to Chinese culture.
  4. We continuously enhance our center’s international impact and reputation through international cooperation, exchange and interaction.
  5. We conduct international collaborative research with internationally recognized scholars in Chinese culture, digital humanities, and metaverse research.
  6.  We collaborate with foreign universities to conduct inter-regional and inter-ethnic research on “Chinese Historical Memory”, “Chinese Religious Practices”, and “Chinese Mass Culture”.

Academic Research

  1. We will develop basic research on “Chinese Historical Memory”, “Chinese Religious Practices”, and “Chinese Mass Culture”. We will integrate the research results of these three main axes to establish a “Chinese Cultural Metaverse Ecosystem”, and develop innovative and groundbreaking metaverse digital humanities research, metaverse cultural dissemination, and metaverse digital governance models.
  2. We publish monographs tailored to the development of digital humanities research methodology.
  3. We aim to strengthen the cooperation and impact of our center’s transnational academic research.

Industry-Academia Collaboration

  1. The digital governance and virtual economy model developed on the “Chinese Cultural Metaverse Ecosystem Platform” can be used as an effective reference model for the implementation of digital governance of the virtual civil society in Taiwan. In this way, the results of our center’s academic research can be helpful to the government’s implementation of digital development policies.
  2. The “Chinese Cultural Metaverse Ecosystem Platform” created by our center is equipped with innovative technologies such as blockchain digital content protection, NFT smart contract authorization, and digital economy profit-sharing mechanisms, which can be used for industy-academic cooperation with domestic companies in industries related to digital content. Alternatively, the developed technologies can be used in a technology transfer to help domestic companies to take the lead in the field of blockchain digital asset protection and innovative applications.
  3. By utilizing the rich Chinese cultural contents carried on the “Chinese Cultural Metaverse Ecosystem Platform”, we shall operate it as an important metaverse virtual world for creating digital curatorial exhibitions of Chinese culture, conducting digital humanities research into Chinese culture, and disseminating Chinese culture. This will help us to increase the global impact of Chinese culture of Taiwanese cultural subjectivity.
  4. We will establish a subsidiary enterprise with the operational development goal of providing the services of the “Metaverse Digital Curation Ecosystem”.

Important Activities

2024.03.25-【Workshop】 Practices and Challenges of Integrating GIS, VR, Metaverse in Digital Humanities Research

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 "The Impact of Digital Media on People's Memory" Historical Memory Reading Group - Second Reading Session

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"The Impact of Digital Media on People's Memory" Historical Memory Reading Group - First Reading Session

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A Leisurely Stroll Through Heaven and Earth –Audience with the Origin Metaverse (Special Exhibition for the ten-year anniversary of the Center for the Study of Chinese Religions)

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Digital Curation Competition of the Chinese Association of Library & Information Science Education and the Research Center for Chinese Cultural Metaverse in Taiwan

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Workshop on Metaverse Curation Design and Creation

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Social Contribution

  1. The “Chinese Cultural Metaverse Ecosystem Platform” we are establishing will be open to all domestic university libraries and government organizations as a valuable digital content collection for cultural assets. As an open platform for digital curatorial applications, it serves as a public platform for the realization of digital collection content building, digital humanities academic research, and cultural dissemination. It will allow our center to share the results of our academic research with the rest of the world.
  2. The “Chinese Cultural Metaverse Ecosystem Platform” will be open to the public free of charge as an integrated platform for digital curation courses in humanities, social sciences, and digital content related disciplines in domestic higher education. It can also be used as a practical teaching venue for “exploration and hands-on” teaching in humanities and social sciences related subjects in primary and secondary schools, so as to promote the contribution of our research results to academic research and applied teaching in Taiwan.
  3. Regularly Chinese cultural curation creativity competitions on the “Chinese Cultural Metaverse Ecosystem Platform” will encourage the curation of diverse cultural memory exhibitions and stimulate the public’s cultural creativity.
  4. Our research on the legal characterization and regulation of digital currency and NFT, the protection of personal information and privacy in the metaverse, the problems of restriction of competition and unfair competition on metaverse platforms, speech moderation that balances freedom of expression and social order, the behavioral responsibilities of virtual alters and virtual avatars interacting in the metaverse, as well as international laws that transcend jurisdictions are not only of academic value but can also serve as guidelines for governmental departments in policy formulation.

Nurturing of Early Career Researchers

  1. We employ young scholars with both domestic and international doctoral degrees as postdoctoral fellows to cultivate postdoctoral researchers with excellent academic research capabilities and international competitiveness.
  2. We provide master’s and doctoral research grants to encourage our MA and PhD students to engage in research related to the Center. In addition, our center has established the Digital Humanities Thesis Award to further encourage students to develop expertise beyond the field of humanities and to be able to integrate humanities and technological expertise.
  3. For the award students, research projects and reading groups on topics related to our research will be organized.
  4. We will assist the teachers of our university in introducing the “Chinese Cultural Metaverse Ecosystem Platform” developed by our center into their teaching curriculum. This will become a venue for students to engage in hands-on digital curation projects and promote the development of students’ professional competence in the integration of learning and application.
  5. On the basis of the high-quality content of the digital exhibitions uploaded to the “Chinese Cultural Metaverse Ecosystem Platform” by the “Chinese Historical Memory,” “Chinese Religious Practices,” and “Chinese Mass Culture” research groups, we support the “exploration and hands-on” curricula of domestic high schools in humanities and social sciences education, as well as thematic work for university humanities and general education pedagogy. We will be able to nurture talents with skills in both humanities and technology in all stages of education.