Research Center for Chinese Cultural Metaverse in Taiwan - 華人文化元宇宙研究中心

A Leisurely Stroll Through Heaven and Earth –Audience with the Origin Metaverse (Special Exhibition for the ten-year anniversary of the Center for the Study of Chinese Religions)

Daoist rituals are very secretive and complex, and traditionally only Daoist priests who were trained by their masters could get a glimpse at their marvel. In order to enhance the public’s understanding of religious rituals, this exhibition adopts the latest Mixed Reality (MR) technology, allowing visitors wearing HoloLens goggles to enter the altar space of the offering ceremony and, by integrating virtual elements with reality, personally experience a Daoist priest’s real perspective and imagined vision. They will personally practice the two grand processes of “Circling the Rising Altar” and “The Flying Rectifier Presents a Petition” (Excerpt), entering a never seen before Daoist Offering Metaverse.