Research Center for Chinese Cultural Metaverse in Taiwan - 華人文化元宇宙研究中心

National Chengchi University

Research Center for
Chinese Cultural Metaverse in Taiwan



Chinese Culture with Taiwanese Subjectivity

Through the study of Chinese Culture with Taiwanese Subjectivity, our Center will explore the implications of “New Chinese Culture” as it is transmitted, transformed, and localized. We take the perspective of “common people” in the ethnic diversity and cultural contexts of Taiwan.



Metaverse Curation

Our Center is committed to developing a Metaverse Curatorial Model that can transform Chinese culture into digital content. Through the digital curation presentation on the “Chinese Cultural Metaverse Ecosystem” platform modes of Digital Humanities research and dissemination of Chinese culture can be innovated and deepened.



Global Chinese Culture

Through the digital governance of the “Chinese Cultural Metaverse Ecosystem” platform and the driving force of virtual digital economy, we can facilitate interactions between digital creators and visitors of the metaverse and establish a blended reality metaverse ecosystem environment for the study of global Chinese culture. This will boost the influence of Chinese culture around the world, and make it a mainstay in the development of Chinese culture.

You can use your mouse or finger to click on the five “circle” icons below to get a preliminary understanding of the five major research axes of the Research Center for Chinese Cultural Metaverse in Taiwan!

Design Concept

Overall Style of the Website

The site’s color theme combines the classic elements of Aero with the modernity of Aurora’s design to create a vibrant visual experience.

The use of transparent elements gives the website a light texture, making the content seem to float in the transparent space, as if floating in the universe. In addition to bringing a sense of visual depth and stratification, it also gets rid of the too electronic sense of detachment that is often associated with technology, creating a stylish, bustling and modern atmosphere.

In addition, Aurora’s smooth gradient effect is also used to inject a touch of dynamic color into the website, making the website’s colors flow visually like auroras dancing in the night sky. This let’s users feel a visual joy and energy, while also representing the rich and colorful content and imaginative space in the metaverse.

Logo Design

Our logo is inspired by the oracle bone character yuan 元, which connotes “beginning”, implying the first manifestation of all things. The three dots represent our three main areas of research: Historical Memory, Religious Practice, and Mass Culture. These will cross over from the real to the virtual world, outlining a brand-new dimension. Through this simple yet insightful design, we present the dual meanings of “yuan”: as a starting point, opening up infinite possibilities; and at the same time, linking the past with the future, the real with the virtual, leading us to embark on a marvelous journey of exploring the metaverse (“yuan-universe”).